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Welcome to RiiConnect24.

RiiConnect24 allows the discontinued WiiConnect24 service to be used again, which kept your Wii connected to the Internet in Standby mode 24/7.

What can you do with it? How to Connect

Things you can use again with RiiConnect24


Send mail to other people connected to RiiConnect24 through the Wii Message Board on Wii Menu. Your Wii's blue disc light will glow when you receive a message! You can also send them Miis and pictures!

News Channel

Stay up to date with the latest news headlines sent to your Wii in a fun way. You're able to view the locations that the news takes place using a globe, or you can see the headlines as a slideshow.

Forecast Channel

Take a look at the local weather or anywhere around the world using a Globe. You're able to view the current weather on the Wii Menu, or today or tomorrow's weather for instance.

More Channels Coming Soon

The RiiConnect24 team is always hard at work bringing more Wii Channels back, and other things that used WiiConnect24.

List of RiiConnect24 Developers

Note that some developers might not be actively working on our projects or are on this page.

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AwesomeMarioFan is a computer science student who enjoys playing & modding Nintendo consoles. He currently works on RiiConnect24.

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This developer has not added a bio.

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Larsenv likes modding Nintendo consoles. RiiConnect24 is one of his favorite things to work on, and has contributed lots to the project.

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This developer has not added a bio.

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PokeAcer is a Welsh student, who is currently working on many projects, RiiConnect24 just being one of them.

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shutterbug2000 is mainly a 3DS hacker, but sometimes does Wii hacking as well. He has contributed mainly to the RE of the WiiConnect24 mail system.

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thejsa is a web dev who works on a number of experimental projects, many of which involving the Nintendo 3DS. He also works on Project Kaeru, a project to bring online functionality to Flipnote Studio 3D worldwide.

Other Replacement Services

Want to get other discontinued services working again? Here's some you should check out.

Project Kaeru Logo

Project Kaeru

Project Kaeru is a server for Flipnote Studio 3D, that allows free access to Flipnotes around the world, unlike Nintendo's service which is Japan-only and paid.

Wiimmfi Logo


Wiimmfi is a server that allows most Wii and DS games to go online, after the server's shutdown in May 2014.

Discord Server

We have a close-knit Discord server where you can talk to other people using RiiConnect24, and our developers too. We also have a system where you can exchange friend codes with other users.

If you wish to support us via donations, please see our donation page!